Posted by: Green Knight | December 24, 2011

Holiday Blues (and a couple of other colors)

I generally don’t celebrate conventional holidays, especially at the turning of the year. The whole thing just makes me grouchy; I tend to alienate a few friends, befriend a few aliens, and also tend to unplug my phone and not get online except to delete the seemingly thousands of donation requests that pile up. I’d send funds if I made any money, but I don’t. But as an occasional recipient of aid, I want to thank Tenth Life Cat Rescue here in St. Louis for donating about 50+ pounds of dry cat food, plus some big styrofoam coolers and a box of straw to make cold-weather habitats out of, for my feral cat colonies (or “tribes,” as I refer to them) yesterday. They are also going to help finish the TNR (trap, neuter, and return) job that another outfit started but didn’t finish back in July…there are still about 5 more kitties to go.  Another friend donated a couple of “Solar Sippers” to keep the kitty drinking water liquid down to 20°F, which will definitely help make their 3rd winter since I’ve been living in my building their best one so far.

My radio hostess friend Diane, who’s had me as a guest numerous times on her BlogTalk Radio program, “The Firewalker Flare,” suggested that I create a PayPal account to accrue support from people who care, and I’ve done so, but there are feral cats everywhere, an estimated 40 million in the US alone, so I’d rather y’all contact an organization called Alley Cat Allies and see what you can do to help those in your own part of the country or the planet. I might publish my site sometime further on. Act locally. My ferals are sweeties, but so are yours.

Have a great midwinter turn of the wheel.


image courtesy of NASA



  1. Bright Blessings this Winter Solstice, thank you for the mention in your blog, and for the many good things you do.

    I’ve posted a poem to my blog you may enjoy, called “Have a Hopi Holiday”.

    May you never thirst,
    Diane T. and furfamily

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