Posted by: Green Knight | January 4, 2012

National Bird Day

Just so’s to show ya that this isn’t only about frogs! Tomorrow is National Bird Day, newly created by the US Congress. I’ll never forget the time in 1976 when this little ball of white fluff flew clumsily into the rafters of the building where I worked. Couldn’t even tell what species it was yet. I cut some airholes into a little cardboard shipping box, took him home on the back of my 10-speed, and got him a cage the next day. Found out what to feed him from the conservation department (baby food of a high meat content).

He grew up into a beautiful mockingbird, Mimus polyglottos, and I named him Gypsy. He rode around the house on my shoulder or on top of my head, and drove my cat Fuzzyface nuts. After he got to be a teenager, in bird time, I started to put him on a branch of a tree that brushed up against my second-story window. He would hang out for a couple of hours, and then come up to the window and chirp really loudly to get back in and get fed.

This went on for a few months, until he got comfortable enough to go be a wild bird and find a girlfriend, as Nature intended. That was always my goal, although I wish he’d have come by for visits once in a while. Ravens and crows are sort of my totem birds, but that lil’ booger was a true friend to me, and I hope his progeny are still flying around out there.

For more info on National Bird Day, see: There’s also a really cool outfit here in town called the World Bird Sanctuary, which you can learn more about here: Tell ’em I sent ya.




  1. I also love birds and enjoy their wild antics in our backyard, from the crows that roost in our tallest trees, the eucalyptus and oaks, to the wild parrots of Pasadena that go squawking by in their meanderings around the city. My what a racket they make!!

    If I had a farm, I’d have a horse, dogs and cats, chickens and probably other domestic pets, but I can’t bring myself to cage birds. They belong to the sky…

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