Posted by: Green Knight | January 14, 2012

Is Molasses Hazardous?

I just live for this stuff! Thank ghod for Wikipedia. If you recall, I once said that there are physical, chemical, biological, and radiological hazards. Which one do you think this one is? On this date (Jan. 15):

1919 – A large molasses tank in Boston, Massachusetts, burst and a wave of molasses rushed through the streets (damage pictured), killing 21 people and injuring 150 others.



  1. physical mostly, maybe biological in terms of a biological product from a plant

  2. LOL, maybe biological if you tried to remediate it by drinking it all! If they made rum out of it first, so much the easier.

  3. This falls under so many categories. Since you like stuff like this, check out my site for more fun. I know you will enjoy it.

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