Posted by: Green Knight | February 22, 2012

Massey and NASA

I just read an article about how the Feds are still going after the top people at Massey Energy for the 29 guys that got killed in the 2010 explosion at their Upper Big Branch Mine in West Virginia, and another fellow messed up from carbon monoxide poisoning. Dismantling safety and gas detection equipment, trying to destroy documents after the event, having a code system to let employees know that an inspector was onsite, all of that should lead to some serious hard time for those responsible. Here’s a link: As a scribbler myself, I still feel badly about how the media initially reported that 29 guys survived and one was dead, instead of the other way around. That’s why when I teach safety classes, I stress how important communications are.

On a lighter note, I sent a correction to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena about an article they posted today on how the Spitzer Space Telescope had detected “buckyballs,” aka buckminsterfullerenes, in interstellar space. The article said that a buckyball was composed of 60 carbon “molecules,” and I had to let them know that a buckyball IS a molecule, made of 60 (or 50 or 70) carbon ATOMS. They are already fixing the glitch. This is the second time I’ve pointed out errors in NASA news service articles. I’ve also had to correct EPA, OSHA, FEMA, and my old employer the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. I keep an eye out for this stuff. The photo is of me holding my magnifying-glass up to my weak eyeball. Poor quality, but I don’t exactly get paid for doing this, either.



  1. You keep em honest Bob!

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