Posted by: Green Knight | March 12, 2012

A Bit More on the Female Principle

On today’s date in 1912, Juliette Gordon Low founded a youth organization for girls that grew into the Girl Scouts of America. I was a Life Scout in the BSA, didn’t quite make Eagle, and that camping and hiking and backpacking experience in the Sierras helped shape my conservationist and environmental perspective. Sir Robert Baden-Powell, the hero of Mafeking in one of the several British wars in South Africa, invented the Boy Scouts in 1907, and in the USA, Dan Beard and Ernest Thompson Seton had already had the idea, which influenced Baden-Powell, and the Americans, with their isolationist policy at the time, had infused it with American Indian woodcraft skills to make it less of a paramilitary factory for potential World War I cannon-fodder and more of an outdoorsy developmental program for boys. The Girl Scouts followed suit.

Getting kids out there in nature, even if it’s in a city park that has a bit more wildlife than just squirrels, is the only way we’re going to maintain what respect we have left for the system that keeps us going. I’ve thought about signing up to be a merit badge counselor, but my living-spaces have been a bit too mutable until recently. Maybe now I can make it happen. I encourage you all to support Scouting.

I hereby add a nice painting of Juliette when she was a young thing; too many photos are of her looking older and a bit harsh in her uniform.



  1. Bob, thank you for reminding me of my scout days, they were good times! The picture of Juliette Low is lovely.

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