Posted by: Green Knight | April 28, 2012

Save the Frogs and Workers

Hard to believe it’s been a year since my most popular topic ever. Yes, it’s Save the Frogs Day again!  To learn more about frog events in your area, check out I may hike up to my local park and see if they’ve had any luck keeping frogs established in my favorite little pond; I think they need to work on the water quality. Back in San Francisco a friend and I used to go to a little lake in an old quarry in Golden Gate Park at night and listen to the chorus sing to the full moon.

It’s also International Workers’ Memorial Day. I hope there are events honoring those who have been injured, sickened, or killed on the job in your area. I taught worker safety for 20 years, and so many of those incidents are preventable, but it takes participation and effort by both employer and employee. A lot of companies cut as many corners as possible, but equally depressing was the number of students who basically slept through class, only interested in passing the test and getting out of there. I was complimented once by a guy who said that I was the only instructor that kept them awake.

P.S. check this out:


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