Posted by: Green Knight | May 9, 2012

Forget me Not

For obscure reasons, the two major political parties in the US use either a donkey or an elephant as their symbols. It’s probably rather obvious that I don’t vote for the elephant folks. However, I like elephants a lot, and this week has had more than the usual share of synchronistic things happening to me, and one batch had to do with our intelligent lumbering friends who communicate mostly in the subsonic range.

About two years ago, a little store a few blocks from me went out of business. They catered to us hippie types and Grateful Dead fans. I bought a few items at reduced prices, including a couple of tapestries/pillowcases from India with gorgeous embroidered elephants on them, sequins and metallic thread and beads and all that sort of thing. I finally got around to digging them out of the closet and hanging them on the wall over my bed the other day. Now maybe I’ll never forget my dreams.

There they are! Then, the other day, I was at the tobacco shop, and found the coolest little wood & brass snuffbox with an elephant on it, for five bucks, so of course I had to have it. (Yes, I smoke Dunhills, which are additive- and pesticide-free, and I don’t blow it in your face, and I clean up other people’s trash. My carbon footprint is about negative. We all have a few vices.) There it is below; sorry my knee got into the frame, but I’m not much of a techno-wizard for trimming photos.





(I have had to mess with this four times to keep the photos from overlapping, arrggh.)

At any rate, the synchronicity came full circle today when I got an e-mail from Carol Buckley, who is an elephant rescuer, formerly director of an elephant rescue/retirement sanctuary in Tennessee, now developing one in Nepal. I don’t recommend people or organizations on here unless I know who they are and that they’re cool, and Carol is great people. In our current economic situation, it’s tough to make donations, but if you can, and you give a damn, here’s the link:

The Greenpeace campaign I’ve been working on has been focusing on saving the Sumatran tiger, a really interesting subspecies that’s down to a population of about 400, but the deforestation by logging & burning to create palm-oil plantations is also wiping out orangutans, the Sumatran rhino, and the variety of pygmy elephant that lives there. Sri Lanka and Borneo also have their endangered elephant populations. Pinnawala, Sri Lanka, has an elephant orphanage. I think we will have made it as a viable species once we learn to communicate with the other intelligences on the planet, before we wipe them out. That means the cetaceans and the elephants, and we’ve already made some progress with using sign language with other anthropoids (Penny Patterson’s work with Koko the gorilla is a notable example, but there are others).

And if you’d rather just send five bucks, instead of $25, or $50, or whatever the outfits are asking these days, to help me help the feral kitty tribe in my neighborhood full of cat-haters (and luckily a few cat fans), you can go to I’ve been helping them for a few years now, and it tends to be us broke people who give a damn; go figure.

Also, for completeness, when I was a kid growing up in the mid-60s, for some reason elephant jokes were popular; there were books of them. Goofy stuff like “how can you tell an elephant’s been in your kitchen? Footprints in the peanut butter.” So as an 11-year old kid, I made up one of my own. “What do you get when you cross an elephant with a jar of Noxema? I don’t know either, but it never forgets a face.”

All I ask of my wonderful readers is to ignore my silliness and try to help the stray animals and ecosystem in your own neighborhoods. That’s where to start. 🙂


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