Posted by: Green Knight | May 30, 2012

99.97% of humans are evil

Some people in my 73-unit apartment building are moving out, either one unit or two in the same week, not sure. However, two NEW adult cats showed up in the alley last night, apparently tame but scared. Coincidence? I doubt it. More rescue work for ME, though.

It makes me LIVID that people who are moving to a new place that doesn’t accept pets will just dump them at the pound, or even worse, in the alley. At the shelter, kittens almost always get adopted, but adults almost invariably get euthanized. Dumping them on the street is even worse. Ferals at least are savvy enough to (usually) avoid getting run over, but indoor kitties aren’t so lucky.

I’m talking to my cool, cat-fan landlord about maybe having “exit interviews” with people moving out, although frequently they don’t even notify that they’re leaving. The alternate idea I came up with is maybe not returning someone’s pet deposit unless they can show that they won’t be abandoning them upon departure. It’s a far from perfect world, but I do what I can with what I have to try to make it better.



  1. I know you’re angry and disappointed in the human race but surely .03% is a little harsh on all the good souls trying to do their best for the planet and all its creatures.

  2. I know, lol, The 99.97% number is what a HEPA particulate air filter is supposed to stop.I just grabbed something familiar!

    • I have this thing about standing up to the forces of evil in this world. A HEPA type device would be useful!

  3. Still, 21 million cool humans would be just about right for the planet’s carrying capacity.

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