Posted by: Green Knight | July 19, 2012

Make Some Popcorn

Surely I jest? Yeah, no doubt, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever done any movie reviews before. I do have two to recommend, however.

First is one called “Mother: Caring for 7 Billion.” In the early days of the environmental movement, a key plank in the platform was ZPG, or zero population growth. As I’ve said previously, we wouldn’t have the enviro problems that we do if there weren’t just too damn many of us. We’re depleting aquifers, energy sources, the soil’s capacity to feed us, you name it. The so-called Green Revolution was going to feed everybody…that’s when we had only about half the everybodies we have today.

Barry Commoner’s book, “The Closing Circle,” Paul Ehrlich’s “The Population Bomb,” and Andrew Goudie’s “The Human Impact” pointed out that we don’t have an infinite carrying capacity, and the Club of Rome’s “Limits to Growth” report, and its two sequels, fleshed it out. Politicians of a different stripe from mine decry and condemn that attitude as negative, and that it’s all about economic growth, growth, growth. But, dammit, there are only so many resources to exploit. I know some fatalistic conservatives who figure that humans won’t be around much longer, so let’s just use up everything we can while we can. That’s not my approach, obviously.

The nice thing about “Mother” is that it ties in all the old ZPG ideas with the current women’s issues and reproductive health ones. AND drags Ehrlich out of mothballs, lol. I wish I had a teaching gig at Stanford. I have no kids, that I’m aware of, anyway, so my impact is low. Chairman Mao tried to impose limits on China’s population, with mixed results. (I’m working on a blog post on the pros and cons of Chinese medicine…I’m a fan of the culture, but some of their “remedies” are way toxic, and wiping out endangered species to make “aphrodisiacs” for an overpopulated country isn’t a plan I’d write.)

Gaia = Mom. Here’s their link:

The other film is Josh Fox’s Oscar-nominated documentary “Gasland,” about the dangers of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” Great banjo-playing, reminded me of Steve Martin in the early days. See my previous post on “the East Side” for why the dirty industries locate there in N. America, and the bit about how people across the mighty Mississippi from me can light the dirt in their yards on fire with a cigarette lighter, or even, sometimes, their tap water, just because of all the refineries next door. Fracking is just the next insult, causing subsidence, potential earthquakes, contamination of and possible rerouting of groundwater, what have you. Bush II said we were addicted to oil, but he sure made a few bucks from it. Find Gasland here:

I recommend to y’all to ask your local library system to order a copy of each, so that people  with limited resources get to see them. That’s what I did. I’ll remind you of my phrase that self-employment is a lot like unemployment, but the pay’s less regular. Whatever it takes to get the message across.




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