Posted by: Green Knight | July 25, 2012

National Moth Week, July 23-29

Wow, we’re halfway through it and I didn’t even know about it! Well, it is the first one. They don’t just eat holes in your clothes (and that’s the larvae, not the adults), and be plant pests,  but also make silk, and serve as pollinators. Butterflies are really just a subgroup, and classification is still fuzzy (like a moth!). The St. Louis Zoo has a “Bug House,” which is probably doing something related to the event, although with the heat wave we’re having, I’ll probably opt out. You can find out about events in your area by going to the moth week page at Also, a look at the “Moth” entry in Wikipedia is pretty fascinating stuff. Now to just do like Dr. Dolittle and ride off on my Giant Lunar Moth while listening to Jethro Tull doing “Moths” off the Heavy Horses album (one of my favorite tunes). I wonder what Arthur the mothman from the Tick comics is doing this week?


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