Posted by: Green Knight | August 6, 2012

Miss Cellanea from Transylvania

I didn’t even know that last Sunday, July 29th, was World Tiger Day. Only found out about it from the World Wildlife Fund this morning. After our efforts to save the Sumatran tiger (and orangs and the pygmy rhino), I should have been more in touch. And August 3rd was Elephant Awareness Day, which I mentioned on Facebook but not here until now. There are pygmy elephants in Indonesia as well. Add them all to the bats and bees and frogs that are popular here, and I’d never be able to keep the litterboxes clean.

My dad is getting a pacemaker installed today. My eyesight has gone a bit wonky, so I’m getting bifocals this week. I guess we’re all getting old. I am, however, very JAZZED that the Curiosity rover landed safely on my second-favorite planet, MARS. I so want to be up there with my rock hammer. Maybe next trip.


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