Posted by: Green Knight | August 15, 2012

A Gadfly in Amber

That’s my newly invented phrase for myself, sort of a semi-petrified Socrates, but in a cool medium. I’ve recently gotten involved with a group that’s trying to prevent the installation of a coal-ash landfill in a friggin’ floodplain not far upstream from me. The state and the county are turning blind eyes to the potential for another TVA spill, just so the utility can make that almighty $$$. I went to a “public-info” meeting last night which was just a passive propaganda session, with the agency not even allowed to talk to the media, and the power company handing out crap. A laptop with misleading graphics about what a TOTALLY different type of landfill has to do for compliance. Mealymouthed platitudes and bullshit all around, and the opposition didn’t even get to have their own table, just the “enviro” agency and the power company, in bed together as far as what the average eye would perceive, anyway. Power, alright, they sure have it locked up, both in coal and authority. I showed up just to make them nervous, and to let them know by my presence that some of us activists used to be regulators and know the science and the legal stuff too.


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