Posted by: Green Knight | August 17, 2012

Black Cat Appreciation Day

It’s today, August 17th. I love cats of all types and stripes, but black cats are extra-special. My guy Alfie is one. My favorite kitty of all time, Bat Cat, was all black with a bent tail (not from an injury, but genetic; her mom Zephyr had a tail like a lightning-bolt). Do something special for yours. If you don’t have one, give some yummy sardines to the strays and ferals, of any hue. Do some rescue work. Set up a TNR event. Look up Alley Cat Allies and find out what you can do to help our furry felinoid friends. I’m counting on you, dear readers, because I can’t do it all myself.  >^.˽.^<

(also, take extra care to protect black kitties around Halloween, since evil kids are mean to them around that season. i hate that, and am always ready to dent some numb young skulls if i see that going on.)



  1. Wish i had known about this day earlier… but now, i do.

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