Posted by: Green Knight | August 24, 2012

Print is Not Dead

Some of my friends are newspaper reporters, authors, and such. I used to work at bookstores until most of them closed. I’d much rather hold a book, heft it, admire the binding, the cover art, the texture of the paper, and all that, than have to mess with electronic stuff. There’s also something about spreading out the newspaper on the breakfast table and looking at the comics that the e-version lacks. I think the tactile senses are being deprived. We already desensitize ourselves to enough stuff.

So it was with a sense of combined nostalgia and refreshment that I contacted Erin Lale from the new Las Vegas paper, the “Guardian Express,” recently. They do a print version on Sundays and an e-version the rest of the time. I wish them the best of success in their venture, not only because I showed up in her article today on environmental regulations. Here’s the article:

Funny that I never made it to Vegas, growing up in the SF Bay Area and living in LA for a few years. I do like Reno, though.

Viva Las Vegas!



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