Posted by: Green Knight | August 28, 2012

Low-Tech Living

Some time ago I posted on futuristic ideas for humanoid habitat, including the Green Float idea for floating oceanic cities near the equator (a newish idea), and Gerard K. O’Neill-type space colonies (an old but still viable idea). Today I was reading a supernatural detective novel which mentioned someone’s cottage as looking like “a hobbit’s house,” and that made me think of something I’d seen a while back about something similar a family had built for themselves in Wales, using natural and recycled materials. They have moved on to building a new place in an “eco-village” in which they own their own land. It’s fascinating stuff, and rather than try to reprint photos or text, I’d rather just post the link: I encourage you all to surf around the page for information on the original house, the new house, and the Lammas Project.

Synchronicity abounded today, because I looked at an e-mail from Trees, Water & People, a carbon-offset project, and there was an article about a similar hand-built “tipi”-style house made from bales of straw at the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center (RCREC) on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. It, too, is geared toward the environment in which it’s situated, and uses locally available materials. This article is just one page, but the overall site is worth looking through as well. Here’s the link: The link to Lakota Solar Enterprises and RCREC is: All worth exploring as well.

Unfortunately, there are way too many of us for everyone to live this way, but in areas where it’s feasible, I’m glad people are doing it.


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