Posted by: Green Knight | September 17, 2012

Scampi the Cat, Rescued

The attached photos are of Mr. Shrimp Scampi, or Scamp for short. He was an indoor kitty who got dumped when idiots in my neighborhood moved away, and I was feeding him in the alley for a few months. He is now part of my indoor tribe, because, well, I just had to.

His initial  “test” results at a shelter I thought of sending him to came up “positive” for FeLV, or feline leukemia virus, which isn’t even real leukemia, and the sores on his shoulders and ears were deemed to be ringworm, which is fungal and not worm-related at all. Two things that just sort of passed into the lexicon incorrectly. Followup tests showed him to be negative for FeLV, and the sores are, as I thought, apparently NOT ringworm, just injuries sustained from living on the street. If the initial vet had been listened to, Scamp would be DEAD now, instead of having a great time at my place. All the test results showed is that he’d been exposed to FeLV at some point. Over 35% of even indoor cats have had that exposure and developed an immunity. It should NOT be a death sentence in an initial bogus, sloppy-science “test.” If you love your cats, get a second opinion. The presence of antibodies does not mean the kitty HAS the illness or is even a carrier.

A lot of cat shelters advise immediate euthanasia for cats “testing” positive for FIV or FeLV. Don’t swallow that BS, folks. Read this first, and also realize that there are 4 strains of FeLV: A, B, C, and T, of which only A is transmissible between cats, and I don’t think even the secondary tests take that into consideration. Also, the article points out that, while most shelters keep FIV and FeLV-positive cats together, it’s NOT a good idea. Here’s the article:

The Scampster is getting along great with the rest of my kitty tribe. I hope yours are doing well as well!


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