Posted by: Green Knight | September 28, 2012

Tadpole Tails

Since frogs are so popular on here (and I can’t call it the Frog Blog, because there’s actually a cool site that already has that name, check it out), I thought I’d ask my Facebook friends and others to submit frog-related stories under this headline. Think about any frogs you’ve tried to keep as pets, or just picked up and looked at with interest. I’ve handled ones from smaller than my pinkie fingernail to as big as a Whopper, and they’re all interesting. Frogs, toads, other amphibians, whatever. We caught tadpoles and kept them in a fish bowl, watching them develop into frogs, then returned them to the habitat where we caught them. It helped that we had fish tanks growing up, and a terrarium for turtles, so we could take care of them and learn from them.

Fish and reptiles don’t need wide open spaces to roam in. They’re not gazelles or spinner dolphins. If  they have a safe and comfy environment and plenty of food, they’re pretty happy. Turtles or snakes are like, “here’s a rock that I can sun myself on, or hide under, and here are crickets I can munch on. Life is good.” (Of course, nobody asked the crickets their opinion.)

So I asked my friend Mary to contribute some thoughts, since she has a weird frog aviator’s helmet on in her profile photo. She is now officially the first contributor to Tadpole Tails. Here’s what she had to say:

“I love to go out in the evening in the summer and count how many frogs have found their way onto the deck to catch bugs. And the sounds of the tree frogs is one of my favorite things about living in the country. They out shine the crickets by far. I’m not sure why I have such a fascination with them, but I have since I was a child.”

Wow, the crickets made it in there anyway! The rest of you can now think of any amphibian anecdotes and see if we can put them on here. Anything interesting, educational, and fun. No cruelty stuff unless you saw someone else doing it and put a stop to it.

Here’s Mary and her hat:



  1. I must say that the first time I saw Mary’s photo, I didn’t notice the frog eyes sticking out like mickie mouse ears, and thought that it was just a green hat with the Eye of Sauron on it.

  2. Synchronicity abounds. At the St. Louis City Kitties event, I saw a gal wearing the same exact frog hat. Go figure.

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