Posted by: Green Knight | October 17, 2012

Cat Circus Wheel Deal

If you aren’t lucky enough to have seen the Amazing Acro-Cats, a touring circus out of Chicago, you are to be pitied! It’s a whimsical and educational extravaganza. My pal Samantha demonstrates that kitties CAN be trained. I’ve been to two of their shows when they were here in St. Louis, and it’s always fun. The highlight for me is the end of the show when the “Rock-Cats” do freeform jazz on miniature instruments — yes, they really play them!

They are currently mourning the loss of Pinky to the big C. The Pinkster, daughter of Tuna, the cat that started all this beeswax, was the guitarist in the group, pictured below with your humble narrator. The circus is also trying to raise funds to replace their ailing tour bus. If you’d like them to visit YOUR town, send in a Kickstarter donation; there are only ten days left. Here’s the link:

Thanks, gentle readers. We may have our idiosyncratic oddities, but we’re all basically on the same side. And everybody feels better when the circus comes to town!



  1. Hey, they made their goal!!! Thanks to any of you who may have helped out. I get so little feedback on here that I have no way of knowing, but I hope the circus comes to your town soon!

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