Posted by: Green Knight | October 27, 2012

FROGS! and amphibian evolution

Just read a cool article on the subject, and figured that all the frog fans would want to see it as well. By the way, and I’ve known this for decades, frog eggs are usually bicolored, with the brown half facing up and the white or clear half facing down (see photo). All to protect against ultraviolet radiation. Now that we’ve had a near-total ban on CFCs for about 4 decades, at least for commercial uses, the ozone hole over the Antarctic is at a 20-year low, so that threat to amphibians is finally minimized. There are plenty of other threats to frogs, newts, and other amphis out there, though, but at least we’ve made some progress. But I love the species mentioned, the “pantless tree frog.” If I get lucky enough to get reincarnated, that’s what I want to come back as. They should have named it after David Letterman, after some of his old jokes. Here’s the article:


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