Posted by: Green Knight | November 23, 2012

Get your Kit Together

This is hilarious! I get e-mails from FEMA’s national preparedness group, and some folks in Idaho are doing this:

Event Information

Name Zombie Apocalypse party
Description Everyone is to dress up like a zombies and bringing all information needed for any disaster! Bring food and water and tools. If you are prepared for the apocalypse then you are prepared for anything.
Date Saturday December 15th 2012 3:00pm to Sunday December 16th 2012 2:00am


I guess it’s all the goofy Mayan calendar thing. They never said the world, or the universe, was going to END, they were just good enough astronomers that they knew they’d have to come up with a new and more accurate calendar about then due to the precession of the earth’s axis. The Aztecs, on the other hand, were a lot gloomier and thought the world might end at any second. All the human sacrifices were supposed to propitiate the gods and stave it off.

Then I found this image from the CDC. This all reminds me of the Skylab parties in 1979, when it was due to crash back to earth. People got really drunk and wore hats with targets painted on top. It landed in the Australian outback and may have killed a couple of kangaroos.

P.S. the “world” will end early, on Dec. 12th, for dyslexics. Yes, I’m just plain evil.


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