Posted by: Green Knight | January 18, 2013

eye on environment

I just got a “like” from a gal named Laurie MacBride, who does a blog called “eye on environment.” I checked out a post she did on birds, which was quite cool, so I refer you all to her site.

Here’s the message I sent her:

“thanks for liking the hapHazard Hot Sheet. i just crossposted your bird post (Savoring Quiet Stretches) on my Green Knight Environmental page on Facebook. I once raised a baby mockingbird to adulthood and eventually reintroduced it to the wild. Your post made me think of an instance 5 years ago when i was hiking to work, and in a back alley there was a mourning dove sitting there, not flying away. It was January, and the poor birdie was FROZEN SOLID.I picked it up and put it over in some bushes. The next day, i was hiking around downtown, and another mourning dove fluttered down and stood by my feet. I guess the tribe was saying thanks.”

I like birds. I’m mostly into corvids, but they’re all cool. The attached photo is of a Steller’s jay, another corvid. They’re bold and brassy and raucous, and will fly down and steal food off your rustic woodsy camp table while you’re still sitting there eating breakfast. I don’t begrudge ’em, they’re fun. i was using Tim Zurowski’s photo, but he objected, so i removed it. I’m using one from Wikipedia now, which I figure is fair game for anybody. Free publicity, well, some people will still complain. As Todd Rundgren said, “no applause, just throw money.”

Steller's jay2



  1. Thanks for recommending my site, Bob! I enjoyed your story of the mourning doves. Stellar’s jays are great fun – we have them here quite often. They do get a bit gluttenous at our feeder but nonetheless I enjoy watching their antics.

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