Posted by: Green Knight | February 7, 2013

Frostbite Falls with no Bullwinkle?

Terminology can be confusing. I used to have a book called “British English,” which was full of terms and slang used across the pond that we use differently here. A case in point is the moose, Alces alces, which is referred to as an elk in Eurasia. What we call elk here in N. America is also known as a wapiti, an Amerindian term, to dredge up an old anthro word, and the pronghorn antelope is really sort of a goat instead of an antelope. Fun times for the easily confused, eh?

Anyway, moose, mooses, (meese?) are in trouble in various parts of their habitat, to the point that hunting is being banned in Minnesota, except for certain aboriginal hunts under treaty. An article about it follows. Now, moose being the largest of the deer tribe, one would think that they’d be doing really well, considering how schizoid the U.S. and Canada have been about wolf management: are they endangered? Are they threatened? Is it still OK to shoot them from helicopters and poison them? Are they wiping out deer populations that hunters would prefer to have for themselves? Is the poisoned bait endangering other wildlife? Have we made ANY progress since Farley Mowat wrote “Never Cry Wolf” in 1963???

We can’t seem to figure out how to manage an ecosystem. We have wild horse populations that are being shot from helicopters, too. Few realize that horses, elephants, and the whole camel tribe originated in N. America, wandered across the Beringia land bridge, and went extinct here. Try being an American bison and setting one foot outside the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park and see how long you can escape some rancher’s high-powered bullets. Wolves are in the same situation. And now moose, which should be thriving, aren’t. I saw a moose, and a grizzly bear, in Yellowstone back in 1973. Until you’ve seen one in person, you have no idea how HUGE they are. But our greed is huger. I’m glad that at least they’ve called off the hunt for now and are going to figure out what’s up. Don’t forget, folks; the microbes will survive, it’s just the larger forms of life, including us, that could go in a heartbeat. Here’s the article:

And a few Bullwinkle images. I have connections with Jay Ward, and with Professor Know-it-All too.



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