Posted by: Green Knight | February 15, 2013

More Bad Bat News

White-nose syndrome is still spreading. The only “good news” is that we are learning more and more about the disease, which apparently is an autoimmune problem similar to AIDS. However, bats use and travel between more than one cave, which I didn’t know prior to perusing the attached article – and I’ve been a bat fan for many years – so even if cavers (real ones shun the term “spelunkers”) decontaminated after their descents, the bats themselves transmit it way faster than humans can through cross-contamination. All we can hope for is that bats in the Americas eventually develop a resistance before being wiped out, as their Eurasian cousins did. Crows, my favorite birds, were decimated by West Nile, but the ones who had built-in resistance or developed it have bounced back. Cross yer fingers…


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