Posted by: Green Knight | February 23, 2013

Crows on the Rebound

I’ve posted here before about how the corvids are my favorite birds, and about how they seem to be bouncing back after West Nile. I’ve missed that raucous chorus. Back when I worked for the Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources, a co-worker told me that they were HIS favorite birds too. But, him being a large country boy who was into guns, I responded, “don’t tell me… for target practice, right?” And he nodded. grrrrrrrrr.

Crows get an undeserved bad rap. If you didn’t see “Nature” on PBS this past week, look it up online; it’s all about corvid intelligence, which I’ve been reading up on for decades. And read the following article (thanks to old pal Steve Joyce for turning me on to it):

And let’s hope bats rebound from white-nose as well. (They should be posting “help!” on Twitter, considering their vocalizations.)



P.S. the illustration is one of a crow funeral. They have a culture about it, and gather ’round and mourn their dead fellows. I found a recently deceased one on the sidewalk in the Panhandle of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco many years ago, and all the crows in the trees were lamenting loudly. I moved their late comrade under a bush so nobody would mess with him, but the live ones were dive-bombing me while I did so, because they didn’t know my motivations yet. I wasn’t actually hit, but they came close.

P.P.S. I can’t give credit for the illustration, because I downloaded tons of images off Google and into my Windows pictures file back in the days before I started writing this blog, so I don’t know whom to thank. I tip my hat to whoever drew it, though.


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