Posted by: Green Knight | March 15, 2013

Audubon Name Shamed

As most of you know, I rescue cats that have been abandoned or grew up on the streets. I just saw three new ones this morning. I don’t hang with PETA, who thinks they should all be euthanized. Now I have to be pissed at the Audubon Society for advocating the poisoning of outdoor kitties. My own cats I keep indoors all the time; it cuts down on disease and injuries. The outside cats I care for I’d adopt too, if I had the space and the money, but all I can do is get them spayed or neutered and get them their shots. They didn’t ask to be dumped, or to be born under a bush or in a basement. That’s due to humanoids being jerks.

Cats eat birds. It’s called “nature.” Around here, they keep the pigeons down, and nobody’s grieving. Occasionally a red-tailed hawk makes off with a kitten. Balance. 50-plus years after the release of Silent Spring, and pesticides are still wreaking havoc with birds, amphibians, and bees, but cats are getting a bad rap. If people would just get them spayed or neutered and keep them indoors, we’d have a handle on the issue. That’s why I work with Alley Cat Allies. They have their thinking caps on straight. Sorry the attached e-mail has format problems, but the links work. And light a candle or say a prayer, or whatever you do, for my friend’s dog Shamrock, who just had a malignant mouth tumor removed…we’re hoping for a St. Paddy’s day miracle.

Alley Cat Allies
Tell the Audubon Society:</p>
<p>Fire Ted Williams for advocating that millions </p>
<p>of cats be poisoned! Take action.
It’s beyond unconscionable.
A high-ranking representative of the National Audubon Society just published a major newspaper editorial calling on the public to kill millions of cats by poisoning them with Tylenol.
In the Orlando Sentinel, Ted Williams, editor-at-large for Audubon Magazine, advised readers that Tylenol is “a completely selective feral-cat poison.”
This isn’t just cruel and irresponsible, but also illegal and sickening. Poisoning is a slow and cruel death for cats. It’s just disgusting to think that anyone from a national animal advocacy organization could advocate poisoning cats. Reckless doesn’t even cover it. It’s a dangerous new low.
We have to respond immediately.
Please join Alley Cat Allies and send an email directly to the National Audubon Society CEO David Yarnold and Chairman B. Holt Thrasher calling on them to denounce this shameful, hateful article. Mr. Williams must be removed from his office immediately.
Click here to send a message directly to Audubon CEO David Yarnold and Chairman B. Holt Thrasher to fire Ted Williams. We can’t have these kinds of reckless pleas for cats to be murdered.
This isn’t the first time we’ve had to respond to something like this. In 2011, Nico Dauphine, a Smithsonian Institution bird researcher was fired for attempting to poison feral cats outside her apartment building. She was convicted of attempted animal cruelty.
A spotlight was shined on Dauphine’s incorrigible behavior because Alley Cat Allies and our supporters demanded it.
We have to do that again now. The law doesn’t equivocate: killing a cat is a criminal offense in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Ted Williams used a major media platform to call for cats to be illegally and torturously killed. It cannot be excused.
The Audubon Society should respond with swift and decisive action to dismiss Williams.
Click here to send an email to the CEO and Chairman of the Audubon Society: Ted Williams must be let go. His op-ed was shameful and dangerous.
Our voices are stronger when we’re together and we have to speak out right away.
Thank you,

Becky Robinson
Alley Cat Allies
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