Posted by: Green Knight | March 15, 2013

Food Stamps for Pets

I may or may not have posted about this concept in the past; too lazy to look this early in the morning. I think I did mention the local pet food pantry here in St. Louis, that operates similarly to a people food pantry, the ones run by churches or charities. Some of the human ones occasionally even have some donated pet food. One nice thing about the Bi-State operation is that you have to list how many cats or dogs you have, show proof of spay/neuter, and pledge not to get any more (to discourage hoarding…not sure if one of yours dies they let you get another or not, haven’t seen the fine print).

Anyway, the whole idea is to keep people able to take care of their critter best friends without abandoning them at shelters or in the woods or the alley (I deal with the latter all the time). The newer concept, built on the previous, is “pet food stamps.” I’ve known people on regular food stamps who use them to buy people tuna and other stuff, if they’re short on cash for pet food. I can look in the mirror and see someone who’s done that, that’s how I know.

About a month ago I got an e-mail about a Pet Food Stamps program. Random thought: I came up with the pet food stamps concept years ago; others arrived at it independently. That’s the kind of idea that should occur to many people at the same time. The need becomes the deed. Like Darwin & Wallace (natural selection) or Newton & Leibniz (calculus; those guys had too much time on their hands), a great vision is usually precipitated by a necessity. Our economic situation has gotten to the point that people are abandoning or doing far worse to their animal companions, and Michael Vick wants permission to have a dog. We need to be better.

So, not sure if the pet food stamps outfit listed below is the same one as the one I heard about fortnights ago, maybe or maybe not, but I like that the idea is spreading. Here’s the article about the one I just heard about:


LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Hard times can mean making a heartbreaking decision for pet owners. But now there’s help for people who can’t afford to feed their four-legged family members.

Marc Okon has started Pet Food Stamps. It’s free pet food paid for by private owners.

Okon got the idea after seeing so many animals given to shelters because their owners don’t have the money to buy pet food.

“Basically, you go on the website, fill out an application, and then three weeks from now, you’ll be contacted and verified. Should you be verified, you will be getting a delivery of pet food from for a six-month term and then you’ll have to re-apply in six months,” said Okon.

Food is available for dogs, cats and even parakeets. It’s a nationwide program proving so popular, even though the office isn’t set up, the website keeps crashing.

(Copyright ©2013 KABC-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.)

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