Posted by: Green Knight | March 23, 2013

Audubon Update

Here’s a revised and updated version of the messed-up text I posted the other day, and some good news as a followup, all from Alley Cat Allies:

Today we are calling for the immediate dismissal of Ted Williams, editor-at-large for Audubon magazine, in response to his op-ed in the March 14 Orlando Sentinel recommending that feral cats should be poisoned with Tylenol.

In the op-ed, Williams writes, “There are… effective, humane alternatives to the cat hell of TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return). One is Tylenol (the human pain medication)—a completely selective feral cat poison.”

Killing a cat is a criminal offense in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Ted Williams used a major media platform to call for cats to be illegally and torturously killed.

Williams and others calling for the mass killing of cats have moved beyond distorting science and statistics.

The extremist policy promoted by Audubon Society representatives like Williams would only result in the mass killing of tens of millions of cats every year.


A high-ranking representative of the National Audubon Society just published a major newspaper editorial calling on the public to kill millions of cats by poisoning them with Tylenol.

In the Orlando Sentinel, Ted Williams, editor-at-large for Audubon Magazine, advised readers that Tylenol is “a completely selective feral-cat poison.”

This isn’t just cruel and irresponsible, but also illegal. Poisoning is a slow and cruel death for cats. Reckless doesn’t even cover it. Someone from a national animal advocacy organization advocating poisoning cats is a dangerous new low.


Today we’re thanking YOU–our supporters–for condemning the remarks made by former Audubon magazine editor-at-large Ted Williams in an Orlando Sentinel op-ed, which referenced poisoning feral cats with common household pain relievers.


Over 31,000 of you responded by emailing Audubon or by posting on social media urging the organization to dismiss and condemn Williams.

In a Facebook post this weekend, Audubon announced that Williams was suspended from writing for the magazine and would be removed from Audubon’s masthead. This was the right move, and we thank our supporters for their quick action.


Cook County, aka Chicago, is debating whether to criminalize the feeding of feral cats. This is a contentious issue, and you can read about it at:

Liberty, Missouri, and St. Charles, same state, and other communities around the country, have busted and fined people who take care of ferals. Technically, St. Louis has a similar ordinance, but our cool mayor supports TNR, and we’re working to strike that regulation down. I’ll be doing another web radio interview sometime soon on this whole issue, as well as on how the American Bird Conservancy hates feral cats but is right on the money as to how neonicotinoid pesticides are not only bad for bees but for birds as well. In this business, it’s hard to know who your friends are from moment to moment. Will post ahead of time in case anyone wants to tune in.

And here’s something showing how bees are in even more trouble than I thought. The original article was from somewhere else, but every now and then the doc forwards something pretty good, when he’s not shilling merchandise:

Alley kitty



  1. This issue is way more contentious than I imagined. I got on the Orlando Sentinel’s web page to follow the story, and submitted a few comments. I’m all for protecting wildlife, but I didn’t expect to get met with hate speech. I was told to get at least a middle school education (I have 6 years of college). I was called a wimp, I forget why. I was called a coward for not posting some idiot’s comment on here (my blog, my rules). The commenter, hiding behind a nickname, suggested a $5 bounty on cats, saying that it worked with wolves…yet claimed to be pro-wildlife. Someone else, also hiding behind a pseudonym, tried to blame Obama, of all people, saying that when the financial bubble (WHAT bubble?) collapses, and the EBT cards (for food stamps) dry up, people will be eating cats instead of saving them. I certainly didn’t expect right-wing rhetoric, but it’s all-pervasive these days.

    I was going to devote a separate post to this issue, and break my no-politics, no-profanity rule, but then I realized that I’d just be allowing the morons to provoke and manipulate me, so I trashed the drafts and just added this comment instead. I try to be above that sort of thing. I guess I should be flattered that someone went to the trouble of finding the Hazard Hot Sheet. The irony involved in ME, who used his real name and thus made this blog findable, being accused of cowardice by someone posting with a secret identity, I’ll leave to the reader to ponder upon.

  2. I was also called an idiot, an inbred moron, a loser, and someone with the comprehension skills of a rock. I looked up this person’s Twitter page, and it’s full of insults to those who bother to get on there. Well, they can do the masochism tango all they want, but that BS will not be tolerated on here. They also talk about football, which explains a lot. I wonder if macho sports fan who accused me of cowardice has ever faced down multiple gang members at night in a bad neighborhood, with no backup, to break up a dog-fighting ring, as I have? Put your money where your mouth is, mofo, your IQ certainly isn’t filling the gap.

  3. I guess it’s easy to lie when you delete the evidence. I didn’t call you an idiot (that was you calling me one in your very first response to me) and I didn’t call you an inbred moron. I said only an inbred moron would think i was advocating for $5 wolf pelts. And seeing how I don’t believe you actually believe that, I can’t be calling you an inbred moron, You’re just intentionally twisting what I wrote in an attempt to insult me. I’ve had the same experience while debating creationists.

    And I told you that I found you via a comment on the anti-environment FB page of Ally Cat Allies. I wasn’t “looking” for you.

    They are also cowards who move out into the public sphere and libel and slander people and then return to the safety of the FB page to pat each other on the back and tell each other how great they are while they are blocking people and deleting their comments so they don’t have to defend their actions.

    Some people find physical confrontations much less threatening than they do ones which challenge their cherished beliefs. Some people (like you) will actually try to escalate challenges to their cherished beliefs to physical violence because while they may be able to triumph physically, they know intellectually they will lose.

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