Posted by: Green Knight | April 15, 2013

Earth Day Euthanasia?

I hereby DECREE that NO animal shall EVER be “euthanized” on friggin’ EARTH DAY. I mean, does that make sense? There should be a cease-fire or moratorium or something. These poor sisters need a reprieve. Please share with any of your dog friends in the St. Louis metropolitan area. We only have a week to rescue them. Here’s the information:

 “These dogs are in St. Louis, Mo. Please, we are desperate! Contact Bobbi Schwartz, 314-435-9380. They will be euthanized on the 22 of April.

These are the two Anatolian shepherds that will be euthanized on April 22. They are being euthanized because they are deaf. They barked and they reside in Bella Villa! Three strikes and you are out! Please share with everyone you know! There has been no interest in these beautiful sweet sisters.”

(Bella Villa is a municipality in St. Louis County. Deafness is a trait in some breeds, e.g., Dalmatians, but I’ve known deaf dogs who rarely bark at all. Sometimes, though, it causes them to bark louder, and some cities can actually make you put down your dog for excessive barking. I don’t like that too much. Training can help, and should be considered as an alternative. I just think it really sucks that they picked Earth Day to make the owners do this. We are trying to spread the word to get these girls a better place to be, and I don’t mean the “afterlife.” Please spread the word if you know any dog-lovers in our area who can help.)

Anatolian sisters 4-22


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