Posted by: Green Knight | April 19, 2013

Don’t go West, young man

A lot of us are thinking about the inexplicable things that went on in Boston; so am I. But I’m also thinking about what happened in West, Texas, and the firefighters and other emergency responders and citizens who lost their lives or got injured. Bad habit among cops and firefighters to refer to the rest of us as “civilians.” I was already saying this before one of my favorite writers, Sir Terry Pratchett, said it, but if you’re not an active member of the military, YOU’RE a civilian too, cop or firefighter, doesn’t matter. That’s why I say “citizen,” just as the ancient Romans did. I get a bit picky about terminology.

The firemen and women used to breathe a sigh of relief when I showed up at hazmat spills or fires, because I had more training and expertise than them. I always enjoyed the mutual support and teamwork with the fire service and the local health departments. It got a bit trickier with the various Federal agencies, with everybody giving conflicting orders. That’s not how it’s supposed to work under the National Contingency Plan. I can only imagine how messed-up it is with “Homeland Security” now “coordinating” things. I’ve seen them in action, and am not all that impressed.

But for all the anti-government, jackbooted thugs, black-helicopter paranoiacs, do you think the Texas explosion would have been LESS likely if we didn’t have EPA and OSHA? I humbly beg to differ. Here’s an article about the noble responders who lost their lives, and another one about a fund for the victims.

For donation directions, see:


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