Posted by: Green Knight | June 9, 2013

More About Bees

I won’t even comment, just read it. It’s more of what I and others have been saying all along. Sort of like “fragmented forests” are decreasing birds and other wildlife.



  1. Again, thanks for sharing a story I wouldn’t have read otherwise. It was somewhat encouraging to see Monsanto and Bayer are researching bees to try to figure out how to keep the alive. Of course they’re hoping to find a product to sell which makes them more money, I’m hoping they figure out how to let nature take care of her own but either way it offers a beacon of hope for our bees.

    • I don’t like seeing companies who invented nerve gas, and Zyklon B, and DDT, and wanting to patent human DNA, getting this deep into the world food supply too. It’s just too Soylent Green.

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