Posted by: Green Knight | September 1, 2013

Where Are The Trees?

I recently went home for a visit, and got to tour the house I grew up in, half of which my dad built. It was a standard California ranch-style house, but he added a screened-in patio and extra rooms in the back on both sides. I helped; as a kid I got to wield a little sledge-hammer to knock out some bricks. I hadn’t visited the place, in Santa Clara, California, in 27 years. The nice people who bought the house from my parents were gracious enough to let me look over the place inside & out. The stained-glass window dad made in his workshop is still in place. Unfortunately, the screens on the patio are gone. So are all the trees. There’s still a circle of greener grass where the birch in the backyard was. My mom’s tangerine tree and her bird of paradise plant back there are gone too. I shed no tears that the Liquidambar, aka sweet gum, is gone from the front yard, because mowing the lawn was a pain when the lawnmower would chop up those big spiky sweetgum seedballs and fling them at your  ankles. The beautiful Modesto ash tree in the front yard that I used to climb as a kid was taken down by my dad when I still lived there, because he wanted to expand the roof, and because he said it was infested by mites; I never noticed a problem. I used to have twigs from that tree, and made a knife handle from the wood, but that’s all gone now. I guess it’s true that you can’t go home again. I just have to wonder why anyone would cut down all the trees, which provide shade and save energy?

sacred trees


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