Posted by: Green Knight | November 6, 2013

Odds, Ends, and Frogs, Good and Bad

I haven’t posted in a while, because I’ve been having Internet connection problems. I’ve also been out of town a couple of times, and various people I know have had surgery, and all sorts of other distracting stuff. There have been the usual oil spills and other enviro mayhem, but nothing major enough to write about here; I save that stuff for my Green Knight Environmental page on Facebook.

A complex of long-vacant attached commercial buildings across the street from me is finally getting renovated, to the tune of $3.2 million. Good news for the neighborhood, but not so good for one of the microtribes of feral cats I feed that hangs out there. I need to figure out a new strategy and a new feeding station for them. Some are possibly adoptable, but it’s a constant struggle finding people to take them in. To show how interests can overlap, I was looking for a particularly nice water dish that I’d had back there, and asked the demo/construction workers if they’d seen it (luckily, I found it). The crew chief & I were looking at each other oddly, because we seemed familiar to each other, and he finally yelled “Bob!!” Turns out that they were an environmental company that had been taking my safety and cleanup classes for years back before I sort of dropped off the map about 5 years ago. They remembered me fondly, which is always gratifying, and they told me they liked animals and would leave the kitties alone, which was relieving. It was also nice to see that they were using respirators for the lead abatement work they were doing.

Lastly, since there are so many frog fans on here, I’m going to copy verbatim an e-mail I got the other day from the Save the Frogs people. There’s not only a petition to sign about invasive frogs in California that are wiping out native species, but there’s a link to a TED talk by Dr. Kerry Kriger, head of the program. I love the TED videos.


A message from the leader




Posted By: SAVE THE FROGS! (campaign leader)


Please sign this petition calling on Governor Jerry Brown to ban the importation, possession, transport, release, purchase and sale of live American Bullfrogs in California! Frogs in California are rapidly disappearing, in part because over three million non-native American Bullfrogs are legally imported into the state each year. Bullfrogs eat native wildlife and spread infectious diseases, damaging California’s ecosystems. Please sign the petition and share! Together we can SAVE THE FROGS!

Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs – Founder, Executive Director, Ecologist

Save The Frogs is the world’s leading amphibian conservation organization. We work in California, across the USA, and around the world to prevent the extinction of amphibians, and to create a better planet for humans and wildlife.

Please watch the SAVE THE FROGS! TED Video:



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