Posted by: Green Knight | November 10, 2013

Programs for People and Pets

With the economy what it is, animal shelters have been seeing a large increase in people dumping their pets off because they can’t afford to feed them. Of course, nearly all of said pets are euthanized. In light of that situation, a few years ago an organization was formed here in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area called Bi-State Pet Food Pantry. Like pantries for people, they accept donations of food, cat litter, blankets, and the like, and give it out once a month. Participants must provide a list of pets owned, proof that the animals were spayed/neutered and vaccinated, and sign a statement saying that they won’t get any more pets (there might be a waiver if one of your pets dies; I don’t know). I imagine some sort of proof of low-income status must also be provided. I think they even deliver supplies to the disabled.

At any rate, it’s been a success, and I hope it serves as an inspiration to other communities. I’ve mentioned it on here in the past, but what made me think of it is that the other day I read about another program to keep people and their pets together. This one is aimed at keeping victims of domestic violence together with their pets. “Sheltering Animals & Families Together (SAF-T)™ is the first and only global initiative guiding domestic violence shelters on how to house families together with their pets. SAF-T enables more domestic violence victims to leave abusive households without leaving their pets behind and at risk. SAF-Talso recognizes the human-animal bond and that family pets can provide comfort, reassurance and healing to adult and child survivors.”

What a brilliant idea! Just the sort of thing we need more of. To read more about the program, and look at the rather horrifying statistics, check out their website,, and perhaps inform your local violence shelter about it.




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