Posted by: Green Knight | November 14, 2013

Alert to Dog Caretakers

I haven’t talked much about biohazards on here, but I used to also do infectious waste inspections for the state. The attached article is alarming for those who have dogs as companion animals, both for the dogs and for the apparent ability for the mystery ailment to transfer to humanoids. What’s interesting is that the text doesn’t explicitly say that it’s a virus, because they don’t know WHAT it is yet, but it implies it, and I want to know more. The veterinarian says that they’d been taught that viruses don’t jump species, but viruses are nothing if not extremely opportunistic; otherwise humans wouldn’t be able to catch avian flu, swine flu, etc.

The problem seems to be concentrated around Ohio and Michigan for now, but it’s worth sharing with your vet and animal shelters wherever you live. They all need to stay on top of emerging health issues. Here’s the article:



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