Posted by: Green Knight | January 4, 2014

Climate and Bats

One reason we talk about climate change these days instead of just global warming is that there are dramatic effects of all types as the planet’s homeostasis is disrupted. I’m worried about the outdoor cats I care for in the cold snap that’s about to occur (Monday temps 3°F high and -7°F low, which is roughly -16°C and -22°C for you civilized people).

I have a couple of friends in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and they are having a problem with a huge heat wave which is killing flying foxes, the giant bats that live there. If you know anyone down that way, please copy them on the following post:

Urgent: Flying-fox heat disaster in Brisbane. Help needed. please call to coordinate if you are intending to help. 0425 73 4008

Mt Ommanney
Pan Pacific Gardens
Regents Park

Black and Greys thousands dead, picking up non flying juvies and babies from dead mothers.

We have teams at most colonies now.
We need people to help collect the living if vaccinated, people to help collect the dead if not. We need to save as many as we can and get as many stats as possible.

We need water, hydration fluids, towels, cages, garbage bags etc.


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