Posted by: Green Knight | February 9, 2014

Factory Fires Update

I’ve written in the past about the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in NYC and the 1991 Imperial Foods chicken-processing plant one in Hamlet, NC, and the 2012 one in Bangladesh at a garment factory. The owners of the latter have turned themselves in. I hadn’t been aware that there was another chicken-plant fire in 1991 in N. Little Rock, Arkansas. Transferring hazardous jobs overseas doesn’t eliminate the hazards, it just moves them far enough away that we don’t have to see them every day, and still get our cheap products, and devil may care about those foreigners, as long as they don’t come HERE to take “our” jobs, which we’re sending over there anyway. So, let’s abolish EPA and OSHA so that Amurrican workers have equal opportunity to get killed while trying to make a living, eh? I don’t have the stomach for this, so here are a couple of links. Cheap clothing from Walmart, cheap lives overseas.

Bangladesh fire


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