Posted by: Green Knight | February 25, 2014

World Spay Day

Regular readers of my irregular posts know that I do animal rescue. It is so important to get your dogs and cats spayed or neutered! Back when I was young and stupid, I used to have an indoor/outdoor cat or two. I thought that Bat Cat was too young to get knocked up. I was wrong. Years later, when I adopted the policy of indoor-only kitties, I thought that recent adoptee Domino was too young to knock Bat Cat up. I was, again, wrong, but at least I got another favorite, Zoot, out of the deal. I never got my dog Jake neutered, but I was lucky, because he was extremely mellow and well-behaved, and never got loose.

And that’s an important thing to consider. Even if they’re indoors-only cats, they can be ankle-dashers and GET loose. Plus, dogs can jump higher fences than you’d imagine, or dig under them. Today is World Spay Day, and many vets or humane organizations offer special discounts. Do your critters and your neighborhood a favor and get them fixed, which will help fix the feral situation that I deal with every day. Thanks!

spay day


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