About Green Knight

Green Knight is a one-man brain trust that can be used as an informational resource for anyone with questions, amateur or professional, on environmental policy, laws, practices, or regulations.  An old adage has it that “the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask,” so ask away, and if i don’t know it, i can likely find out quicker than you can, and we both end up smarter.  Win-win, eh?

I am here for the do-it-yourselfer, the government drone, the contractor, the concerned civic group, and the friendly alien.

Green Man The avatar that I use with my posts in this blog is that of the Green Man. The particular image is from a pendant created by former St. Louis artist Tim   Zell, whose designs may be seen at http://mythicimages.com/catalog.cgi?flag=about_us.  He goes by other names these days, as artists tend to do.  Odd that he started in St. Louis and ended up in NoCal, and i went the opposite way, eh?  I used to know him at the Renaissance Faire out there.  My plan is to eventually move back, though, so look out!  Dust those redwoods off for me. and pour me a Ravenswood Zin.

According to Wikipedia, “The Green Man motif has many variations. Found in many cultures around the world, the Green Man is often related to natural vegetative deities springing up in different cultures throughout the ages. Primarily it is interpreted as a symbol of rebirth, or “renaissance,” representing the cycle of growth each spring. Some speculate that the mythology of the Green Man developed independently in the traditions of separate ancient cultures and evolved into the wide variety of examples found throughout history.”  His face is traditionally made of acanthus leaves, same as what capitalizes Corinthian columns in Greek architecture, and that’s what Tim/Oberon used here.  Even in winter, the Green Man is sleeping and keeping the roots alive for spring; he’s the protector of forests and wildlife, and represents the growth that nature is capable of.

I should mention that I worked for Greenpeace from 1980-83 at the San Francisco office, studied chemistry at UCLA, archaeology/anthropology and astronomy at West Valley College in Saratoga, CA, and got my B.S. in Earth Sciences with a minor in secondary education at Southeast Missouri State University.  I was a state hazardous and solid waste inspector for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources after that, and have been teaching hazardous waste cleanup, asbestos, mold, lead-based paint, radiation, mine safety, and DOT hazardous materials transportation for 20 years.  While a state guy, I handled RCRA, CERCLA, infectious waste, and leaking underground storage tanks. I’m back doing things for Greenpeace here in St. Louis, and I’m now an associate member of the Society of Environmental Journalists.


Hazard Hot Sheet © 2012 Bob Carlson
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

The views expressed here are mine, and those of my readers and contributors, and do not necessarily reflect those of any organization with which I am or was once affiliated, or stores at which I shop, etc.



  1. i just want to thank DeAnna, Evelyn, Joseph, Allecia, and Laura for the interview opportunities so far, and Chris and Marc for the potential ones. This page is really new, and i’m a bit of a techno-dinosaur when it comes to the web, but there shall eventually be regular posts forthcoming on what i’ve talked to reporters and others about. So far we’ve already talked radon, hazcom, lead, household hazards, pesticides, methane, and perchlorates. Not a bad list for a short time. Keep those followup questions coming, folks. i seem to have a bit of free time.

  2. the latest venture is me advising on safe storage and transport of landscaping chemicals, and i must thank the kind folks at the DOT’s Hazardous Materials Information Center for their always-helpful and efficient assistance. give them people a raise!

  3. hey hey i commented loool now u cant moan lol

  4. Way better than Batman, Iron Man, or those other caped crusaders! There is such a need for you, Green Man, and the areas you will explore here. I salute you Green Knight. There are always green solutions to the world’s current problems. Looking forward to reading more!

  5. thanks, my international correspondents! check the Daily Booger Report for the latest things not to do.

  6. Hey Bob, thanks for your post on the Post-Dispatch article titled Leaks from Ameren Toxic Waste Pond in Labadie…

    Wanted to ask if you can confirm that DNR approves injection of CCWs into mines? Have pictures of CCWs being injected wet into a cave or mine near the MO river outside KC.

    Any insights you can provide on CCW landfilling in MO or waste disposal proactices would be helpful. Can email via our website: http://www.leomo.info or Email me at prsmail@gmail.com. Thanks!

  7. […] a B.S. in Earth Sciences, and completed six years of university studies. You can visit his blog, Hazard Hot Sheet, for more […]

  8. […] a B.S. in Earth Sciences, and completed six years of university studies. You can visit his blog, Hazard Hot Sheet, for more […]

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